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Police officer in Ukraine dies after contracting disease from suspect that spit in her face

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Arina Koltsova, the Ukranian police officer who died after contracting tuberculosis from a suspect who spit in her face. Credit: CEN

A Ukrainian police officer is dead from tuberculosis after contracting the disease from a suspect that spit in her face.

According to the Daily Mail, 35-year-old Arina Koltsova of Kiev was spit on by a tuberculosis-infected man she was detaining.

The officer remained untreated for some time before she fell seriously ill at work, collapsing while on duty.


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Arina Koltsova. Credit: CEN

“She became ill after New Year’s Day. She had arrested this guy and he spat in her face. Some time later she collapsed,” said Koltsova’s duty partner, Officer Mikhail Kindrakevich.

Kindrakevich also took note of the toll Koltsova’s medical treatment took on her as she fought to stay alive.

“She had received treatment. She underwent chemotherapy, she was fed food through an IV drip and she had lost a lot of weight.”

Arina Koltsova. Credit: CEN
Arina Koltsova. Credit: CEN

Koltsova -a minor social media celebrity in Kiev due to her profession and good looks- took a selfie shortly before she died, showing her gaunt face and shaved head.

Dying on Monday and being buried two days later, tributes for the policewoman came flooding in via social media.

“Arina wanted to change something for our country,” one of her friends said. “Joining the police was a conscious choice, she wanted to change things for better.”

It is unknown whether or not the man who infected her will face charges.


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