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Police officer takes on 6’6″ 300 pound NFL player in wild convenience store video


Lathrup Village Michigan police have released video showing the February arrest of NFL player, and former Michigan State star, Malik McDowell.

In the video, McDowell, who stands 6’6″ and weighs over 300 pounds, gets into a fight with an officer after he disobeyed commands and was tased.

According to TMZ, the officer saw McDowell spin his Jeep out on the snowy road. He was attempting to bring McDowell in for speeding.

McDowell refused to cooperate with the officer and demanded a supervisor. McDowell continued to call for a supervisor and entered the gas station.

The officer attempted to stop McDowell and called for him to sit down. The officer was then forced to use his taser to subdue McDowell.

The NFL player then pulled the prongs out of his body and rushed at the officer, pushing him into a stack of food. The arrest report says McDowell even tried to reach for the officer’s gun.

Eventually backup arrives and the two officers are able to get McDowell under control and into handcuffs.

The former second-round pick by the Seattle Seahawks was charged with felony assault on an officer, resisting arrest, and other charges.

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