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Police officer resigns after 12 years, family posts the heartbreaking reason why

Officer D.C. Harris (Facebook)

A police officer in Michigan is turning in his gear, closing the book on a lifelong dream due to what many consider to be a fabricated cultural war against police officers in the United States. 

“Tonight, 5/10/2021, is Dustin’s last shift as a law enforcement officer,” read a post on Police Fitness & Nutrition’s Facebook page. “I can’t even believe I’m writing this.”

“I know many of you who read this will be as shocked as I still am. Ever since we met 12 years ago, it was all he talked about.

He was getting ready to enter the police academy in Michigan. It was his dream, the only thing he ever saw himself doing, the only thing he ever wanted to do.”

The author noted that Dustin C. Harris had put his heart and soul into his work.

“I had never seen a person so passionate about serving. He dreamed of climbing the ranks, an illustrious 30 year career.”

After nine years, however, Harris had had enough. 

“Nine years of working weekends, nights, holidays, and everything in between,” the author wrote. “Sometimes serving a 12, 13, 14 or more hour shift without a drink of water, a meal, or even a bathroom break. Missing dinners, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, school events, funerals, even his own brother’s wedding.”

The author, presumably Harris’ spouse or a family member, added that “Every shift, we, his family, hugged and kissed him goodbye, praying for his safe return. Sending him out into unknown danger to protect you and your family.”

According to the post, Harris was eventually broken by the wave of anti-police sentiment and lack of backing from government officials.

‘To be a police officer is to be underappreciated and misunderstood,” the author wrote. “To be criticized by the media and the public, your every move under surveillance. To be vilified for doing what is right and just. To be expected to be robotic, emotionless, and without error.”

“Hold our public servants to the highest standard of conduct, yes,” the author continued. “But don’t demonize an entire profession because of the abhorrent acts of a despicable few. Police officers are human, yes, just like you…They are not immune to error.”

Those who willfully do harm are a disgrace to law enforcement and should never have had the honor and privilege of wearing the badge.

Ask any officer and they will agree vehemently.”

The author then had a pointed message for those who felt content to “armchair quarterback.”

“To the coward hiding behind your keyboard- You swallow all of the divisive garbage the media feeds you without a second thought,” the post read. “You aren’t qualified to tell law enforcement that they are undertrained and overfunded. You have no idea how many hours upon hours of training are required to do the job. You’re not an expert on criminal justice or the law. You’re doing more harm than good.”

“The fire in him died,” the author continued. “He was an exemplary officer, the kind every department needs and everyone wants on their team. The one every person in need prays will answer their call. But the hatred, the fear, and the sacrifice… it just isn’t worth it anymore.”

In a final note, the author of the post challenged those who have an issue with law enforcement to enter the field. 

“If you think law enforcement needs a change, why don’t you submit an application and actually BE the change?,” the author asked. “Any coward can sit behind his keyboard and criticize. Talk is cheap.”

The post was shared on the page on Wednesday,  and has since generated over 15,000 reacts.

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  1. May GOD continue to lead your (Dustin) life great warrior. This is exactly 100% correct and true. This is a direct result of spineless and gutlessness in law enforcement admins today. Evil prevails when good people do nothing (Sir Edmund Burke). Until leaders, not followers or supervisors, stand for the right thing, not what the mob rule dictates, the judicial process will continue to crumble.

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