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Police officer outed as OF content creator after pulling over one of her subscribers


A man in Wisconsin has come forward to accuse a police officer of creating adult content, something that may violate her employment agreement with the Minneapolis police department.

After being pulled over by the officer while driving, he says he recognized the officer as an OnlyFans content creator that he subscribes to.

He said it took him about ten minutes into their encounter to realize the officer was someone he had paid to watch have intercourse for roughly five months.

“Then we were doing a little talking and checking and I was like, ‘Man, she got an OnlyFans page. I’m on her OnlyFans page,’ the man said to Fox 9.

“You got to go to the VIP and you get to see the videos of her and her, I guess husband, I guess that’s who it is, they do full sex videos,” he added.

Fox 9 did not identify the officer but stated she is “a well-respected cop and has been recognized for her police work.”

“You can’t arrest me no more; I’ve seen your private parts,” the man stated. He told Fox 9 that he doesn’t think police officers should be involved in sex work.

“I wouldn’t want her to be arresting me and I just saw you and your husband last night for $29.99 have sex on OnlyFans. I just can’t respect you or the precinct that you’re working at,” he added.

 “If all we’re talking about is naked pictures behind a paywall, the mayor has no issue. However, the chief will determine if there are any policy violations,”  a spokesperson for Mayor Jacob Frey.

The police chief has confirmed that an investigation is underway to determine if the 4th precint officer violated any Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) policies.

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