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Police officer in Ohio wants recent close call to serve as warning for young cops


An Ohio police officer is reflecting on a recent close call, regarding a traffic stop that could possibly have been his last.

Massillon Police Officer Sherman Kruger knows there is no such thing as a routine traffic stop. However, he nearly became a statistic when a Friday night stop quickly became suspicious when he approached a vehicle occupied by two individuals.

“During the traffic stop the passenger kind of started acting a little fishy,” said Kruger.

When Kruger discovered the passenger had a warrant, he had to act quickly.

“She attempted to run but I was right behind her, so I was forced to take her down to the ground,” he said.

Meanwhile, the driver of the vehicle began to reach for a sidearm, located in the glove box.

“The handgun was in the center console, a loaded magazine fully loaded was in the glove box of the vehicle and he also had one live round inside his sweatshirt,” Kruger recalled. “You get home later and it’s like, I just had my back to a guy who had a gun and I’m in the process of fighting a friend.”

According to News 5 Cleveland, Kruger now uses the footage from his body camera as a cautionary tale in terms of situational awareness.

“We have young guys who are getting hired in here, if they can watch my body camera and learn from something that I did, right or wrong, it’s a benefit to everyone,” said Kruger.

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