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Police officer candidate caught having friend take physical exam for him


A man, who wanted to become a police officer so badly that he was willing to break the law to do it, allegedly had someone else take the physical agility exam for him.

Justin Payne is now facing a misdemeanor charge for criminal impersonation and remains behind bars. Officials say he attempted to defraud a government agency, so he’s also pretty much destroyed any dreams of becoming a police officer.

More than 1,800 people showed up earlier this year to take the written part of the test, including Payne. But when it came time to take the physical portion of the test, the 260-pound Payne apparently didn’t think he was fit enough to pass, so he sent someone else in his place to take it for him.

Buffalo Police Lt. Jeff Rinaldo said: “We do fingerprints not only at the written exam, we also do them at the physical agility exam, and we also do photographs at the physical agility exam. So why someone thought that they could get away with it, I’m not quite sure. But it didn’t work.”

Rinaldo also told WIVB that the person taking the test inadvertently put his name, instead of Payne’s, on the bottom of the forms that had to be filled out that day.

“The position of a police officer is a huge trust position for the community, and when you have somebody that, from the very beginning stages trying to defraud that trust, it’s not a good sign,” Rinaldo said.


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