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Police officer in California assaulted after helping man cross the street

Image courtesy of the Richmond Police Department.

In an awful case of ‘no good deed goes unpunished,’ a sergeant with the Richmond Police Department was attacked after helping a struggling man cross a busy street.

Richmond PD Sergeant Nelson was in his patrol vehicle when he saw several cars swerving to avoid a man who was stumbling in the middle of the road.

Sgt. Nelson drove to where he was and positioned his vehicle to shield the man from oncoming traffic and help get him to the sidewalk.

As he helped the man across the street he could tell he was drunk, but Sgt. Nelson continued to help.

He tried talking to the man and asked him where he lived.  That’s when man became “belligerent and agitated,” and started punching Nelson in the face.

After a brief struggle, the suspect was arrested and later charged with assault.

Sergeant Nelson is reportedly recovering from his injuries which include a broken nose.

“This is yet another reminder of the dangers of our profession even as community guardians, attacks occur with no warnings and for no reason,” the Richmond police wrote in a Facebook post about the encounter.

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  1. People wonder why we never let our guard down. THIS is the reason. While we are polite and helpful like the Sgt. we know that these people can turn on us in a heartbeat and we must always be ready to defend ourselves. I learned that very early in my LE career when a female laying in the roadway seemed to be semi-conscious but when I looked over her she hit me harder than any one, male or female before or since! Lifted me up off the ground and dropped me to my knees and feeling like I was going to throw-up. Thank God my partner was right there to pull me away from danger.

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