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Police officer almost dies after being exposed to fentanyl


A police officer in Oklahoma caught a whiff of fentanyl while processing evidence at the Bartlesville Police station over the weekend.

The officer in question was handling seized substances without a protective mask and inadvertently inhaled some of the substance that had become aerosolized, causing him to stagger and then collapse onto the floor.

“He had become ill, light-headed, basically passed out and fell over,” said Sergeant Jim Warring with the Bartlesville Police Department.

Other officers quickly stepped in and applied naloxone, helping reverse the effects the drug had on the officer.

“That was the first time we’ve had to use Narcan on one of our own,” said Warring. “We’re really fortunate that we had it available and that our officers really paid attention to the training.”

It is believed the drug in question contained fentanyl.

According to KTUL, another officer was also exposed. While no symptoms were reported, he was transported to the hospital alongside his ill comrade.

For Warring, it was a grim reminder of how dangerous handling illicit substances can be.

“Even though the officer may not be physically dealing with an individual, all the evidence and things that we handle on a day to day basis can harm you too,” said Warring.

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