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Police in Indiana release body cam of female officer accidentally getting shot after clearing home


When your service pistol is in good working order, there is no such thing as an “accidental” or “unintentional discharge,” only a “negligent discharge.”

However, an Indiana police department’s police review board cleared an officer for shooting his partner in the back, stating the incident was “accidental.”

Lafayette Police Officer Lane Butler remains in serious condition after the January friendly fire incident that threatens to end her three-year career, thanks to a round fired by Officer Aaron Wright during an attempt to escape a home occupied by an angry dog.

“The shooting review board determined it was an accidental shooting in a very dynamic and stressful situation,” Lafayette police said.

The incident was captured on body camera, and took place after multiple officers cleared the inside of a residence, searching for a wanted individual after they had been tipped off during the suspect’s location.

Upon clearing the home, officers discovered only a dog, which was in a kennel during the entire sweep. Angrily barking at what it perceived to be as aggressive and loud intruders, the dog eventually broke free of the kennel and attempted to expel the officers from the premises.

During the scramble to vacate the structure without getting bitten, Wright wrapped his finger around the trigger of his striker-fired sidearm, shooting through the front door and striking Butler.

According to FOX59, Wright has been cleared of any wrongdoing and will not be terminated.

“Officer Wright, from the moment on scene, he took full responsibility and was devastated by the unintentional discharge of his firearm,” said LPD Chief Patrick Flannelly. “This was not the result of negligence carelessness or reckless behavior. It was accidental.”

Wright is expected to return next week.

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  1. In addition to violating rule #1 of firearm safety, never point your weapon at anything you don’t want to destroy, the NEGLIGENT officer obviously was not following simple basic LE FA training; not indexing his trigger finger outside the trigger guard above the trigger, and the dangerously improper practice of using his weapon light as a flashlight. The Chief should be severely disciplined if the NEGLIGENT officer doesn’t at a minimum receive a demotion and 30 days off without pay, followed by a year of disciplinary probation.

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