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Police in Illinois consider legal action after false claims of brutality


A police department in Illinois are considering taking legal action against online commentators who accused the organization of beating up a woman, despite evidence proving otherwise.

Andrea Morris reportedly took to Facebook live, showing her swollen face and accusing the Sauk Village Police of abusing her.

“The police tased me, I don’t even know what happened after that, my whole face is f—-d up, she said. “I look like a different person.”

Soon, Sauk Village PD was being accused on social media of brutalizing a woman, despite no evidence or even grounds for suspicion. The video was shared all over the internet.

In reality, Morris was actually trespassing on the property of her ex-girlfriend, who was afraid she would break the windows on her hom. When she resisted arrest and tried to run twice, she was subdued with a Taser, causing her to fall face-first on the pavement.

SVPD Chief Robert Kowalski is contemplating making an example of those who intentionally spread the false -and damaging- misinformation.

“We will definitely discuss this matter with my detective and run it past the states attorney’s office to see if there’s anything we can do legally against any individuals who are promoting these allegations against the police department,” he said.

Morris is now facing charges of resisting arrest and trespassing. According to Fox News, the ex-girlfriend stands behind the police’s version of the story.

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  1. Yeah I’d like to see the cops sue over “false allegations”. I guess they think they are in the UK wher that sort of thing is much easier than the US. You really can see the classic lack on intelligence among police in this event.


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