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Police in Australia accidentally broadcast arrest plan on Periscope

Image credit: Australian Federal Police via Facebook.

Talk about a “blunder down under!”

News coming from Oceania is that Aussie police erroneously leaked their plans to arrest a suspected North Korean agent on social media- three whole days before the raid took place.

The Sydney-based suspect (identified as 59-year-old Chan Han Choi) was reportedly charged with trying to sell missile technology on the black market to raise money for North Korea and was described by authorities as a “loyal agent of North Korea.”

However, a bumble took place when a minute of the case’s details -discussed between two officers- was broadcast on Periscope and linked to Twitter.

According to Asia One, the recording included a suggestion that the officers should not be “going in all guns blazing,” as the task force was “only half-a-dozen people and a forensic van.”

Over forty people watched the broadcast before it was deleted, and it was by sheer luck that nobody linked to the suspect was tipped off.

Australian Federal Police have commented on the matter, saying it was a mistake that will not happen again.

“Steps have been taken to ensure such incidents will not occur again,” the feds said in a statement. “The matter has been referred to the AFP’s (Australian Federal Police) security area for review.”

Choi is due back in court later this week.

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