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Police in Aurora, CO on high alert this morning after chilling call to 911 followed by shots fired at officers


The Aurora Police Dept. has released audio of an alarming 911 call over the weekend, when an anonymous caller threatened to shoot any officer found alone in the streets.

“It’s a credible threat,” police said –one that they wanted the community to be aware of.

According to 9News, the menacing call came in about 5:45 p.m Sunday “via a disconnected Cricket cell phone.” The male caller heard on the audio recording appears to be disguising his voice and possibly using a recording, several local news stations reported.

Police announced over the holiday weekend, and following the call, that they will always have two people to a car, to ensure the safety of their officers. The threat involved shooting down officers in both Denver and Aurora, Colorado.

FOX31 Denver obtained the audio recording, in which the caller says in part: “It’s time that you guys know we are no longer playing around with the police departments. Aurora and Denver, we are about to start striking fear shooting down all cops that we see by their selves.”

Both Aurora and Denver police say they are not scared away by this, it’s only making them stronger. “It’s going on nationally. It’s going to come here. There’s nobody that’s immune to it. Nobody in law enforcement,” Denver police Det. Nick Rogers said.

“We’re not going to go away. I’m not going to quit. As a matter of fact, all you’re doing is making me stronger because I know what I have to do is that much more important. If you’re willing to kill me who else are you going to kill?” Rogers said.

A short time after that call was made, Aurora police were called out to a scene and subsequently shot at. Authorities don’t yet know if the incidents are related.

All officers remain on high alert, the FOX affiliate reported. Both departments assured the public that their safety is not threatened.

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      • When you beat the war drum of racism enough you are going to get volunteers for the war. Holder and Obama have been beating the whites suck drum for years. Blaming everything on the white man. Now their followers are taking it to heart and are willing eliminate the police and the whites too. So freeking glad I moved up north, The south will burn I fear… the west will be changed forever as for the north east? well lets just say they aint got enough foot solders up here to even have an interesting fight.

      • Because their silence and lack of defense of the police is seen as consent. Barack should have told his followers back off a long time ago. We’re still waiting…

      • They have exacerbated anti law enforcement hate and used every tragedy over the years to scream from the highest pulpit they can find that the police are evil and that they target African American criminals simply because of their race…..and not because they committed a criminal act. So yeah the blood of the Texas Leo officer, the two new York police dept officers, the news room shooting, and every other crime that has been exacerbated by there hate rhetoric does in fact put the blood of the innocent protectors on their hands.

      • OMG! How can you not associate this administration’s anti-cop, racist rhetoric with the growing movement to treat Law Enforcement Officers as second class citizens with no rights while treating criminals as heroes?


  2. A 6 minute advertisement, and then a 3 minutes advertisement in Spanish just to watch the video associated with this story? What the heck!

  3. Hearing about this really makes me sad. I hope and pray ALL officers and anyone else responding to an emergency stay safe, and they catch such poor excuses for a human soon!

  4. Police are being threatened so let’s use the police officers name that says he isn’t scared. Sounds like to me they really just put a target on him.

  5. Stay strong, Stay honorable. Stay true to the constitution. You have my support always as long as you exercise your authority under the bounds of proper restraint and don’t let media fear mongering trick you into believing the people are out to get you. Keep doing a good job out there boys and keep your eyes out for men that don’t deserve the badge.

  6. All the police violence is a direct result of President Obama’s actions. What is wrong with Congress for refusing to impeach this extremely dangerous traitor?

    • This is the fault of crazy people trying to take the law in their own hands. Obama has nothing to do with it. People think only with hatred toward something or someone they disagree with. Democracy is about the majority decision and if your side happens to loose then we should still show respect for the winning side not hatred and disrespect.

  7. My prayers are with you all. Make a difference and stay safe.
    I’ve got 3 generations of NYPD in my blood. There’s just something about this whole thing that stinks. First off, those who are truly intent on doing harm rarely announce their intentions. Secondly, “FOX31 Denver obtained the audio recording,” really? A dispatcher’s recordings are just not something you readily ‘obtain.’ NYPD I.A.D. would have had this wrapped tighter than a gnats butt over a phone pole. This came out way too early and way too freely. Then, a unit was called out shortly after the phone call and the officers were fired upon? Sorry, but this whole thing stinks. I’ve seen, first hand, the ‘race baiting’ that keeps the hatred alive. And it’s always been originated at the highest levels of government. Think about it.

  8. “People are safe in their homes.” Welfare Checks = equals broken windows, smashed doors, dead pets, horrified children, being woken up to assault rifles in your face, thrown on the ground in front of your neighbors, desire to express you 2nd amendment, desire to protect your home family community, wanting justice for what has been done… | My entire family use to be in law enforcement. They were good people and are no longer officers. It’s not just “doing your job” its a choice.

  9. So, does this mean they have just given LEOs and armed, law-abiding citizens permission to hunt scumbags with no nag limits? Sweet!! I can finally put my collection of guns and ammo to good use.


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