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Police impersonator on the loose in North Texas


Police are on the lookout for a man impersonating a Rowlett, Texas police officer. Detectives have confirmed he is not a real officer of the law and they expect him to strike again.

The phony officer is described as a white man between 25 and 30 years old with brown eyes and brown hair. He has a tattoo on his right index finger that says, “SAVIOR,” police say. He was also wearing a wedding ring that has a series of connected crosses on his left ring finger.

He is driving what appears to be a police vehicle, and even has uniform, badge, and is carrying a gun. The police told News 8 he is brave enough to pull over drivers in the middle of the day with lots of people around.

Twenty-five year-old Brittany Williams was pulled over by the man earlier this week as she was heading to a McDonald’s near the intersection of Walnut Hill and Belt Line Road.  She pulled over when she saw the flashing lights behind her. She called her husband and laid the phone on her lap as the impersonator approached her and the vehicle. “He had everything like a regular cop would have when he walked up to my car. You wouldn’t think anything about it so he could have easily just put whoever it was in a cop car and drove off.”

Although his appearance was convincing, Brittany said he did not have a very good reason for pulling her over. “He just immediately walked up and said I had a warrant for my arrest,” Brittany, who has a clean record, told reporters. Since the only trouble she has ever gotten in with a police officer is a speeding ticket, she knew something was not adding up. “He persisted on me getting out of the car, and I refused to get out of the car so he kept telling me that if I kept refusing to get out of the car that he was going to pull me from the car,” she explained. She refused to budge.

Her husband, who was listening to the interaction through the phone, called the Irving police. They called Williams, and confirmed that the man was not an officer. When she told him the police were on the phone, he ran off.

“Something didn’t feel right to her,” said Detective Cruz Hernandez with the Rowlett Police Department. “She didn’t like the types of questions that brought her suspicion up so she did the right thing.” Cruz wants others to be aware that things like that can happen to anyone. “We don’t want people to resist the true law enforcement police that are out there,” he said. “If I stop somebody outside my city and they said I’m going to call 911 and I’m going to call the local city then I’d say that’s fine.”

The Rowlette police are working with detectives in Irving to catch the impersonator. Since there are no missing police vehicles, they know that the suspect disguised his own black Dodge Charger to look like a police cruiser.

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