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Police help deliver baby during traffic stop


Baby number four did not want to wait for her mom to get to the hospital… she decided instead to make her way into this world with some help from Seattle officers on the side of the road.

Some very dramatic moments took place along Martin Luther King Jr Way around 3.45am Sunday in Seattle. Police stopped a driver after he was spotted speeding through some red lights.

An expectant mother was inside the car, but it didn’t look like she was going to make it in time to the hospital so a police officer stepped in.  The entire incident was caught on a police dashboard camera.

The father-to-be jumped out of the driver’s side and begged the officer to let him keep going to a hospital, KOMO News reported.

‘She’s in labor man!’ the panicked driver is heard shouting. ‘Let me go, man. I can make it.’

But the officer assured him there was an ambulance on the way and that it was best to wait for the medics.  But the baby had other plans.

The mother-to-be screamed out: ‘Oh my god, the baby is coming out,’ as three more officers arrived on the scene to assist.

A few tense moments followed when the baby girl appeared to stop breathing. But the officer was able to clear the baby’s airway and got her breathing again.

An ambulance arrived and transported the mother and daughter to an area hospital, while dad took a few extra moments to hug and shake hands with the assisting officers.

The Seattle Police department’s official blog, reported later that the baby’s parents sent them a note thanking the officers for their heroic actions.

‘You have helped deliver a precious gift,’ the message read. ‘We are so grateful.’

Courtesy of the Seattle Police department’s official blog page.

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