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Police find video of couple doing a dog while investigating them for abusing a minor

Ryan Peters, 38, Jadzia Martin, 25, were accused of assaulting a teen girl, but during investigations, police discovered animal abuse videos. (York County Prison)

A couple in Pennsylvania are facing serious penalties after being charged with sexually assaulting a teenage girl and a dog, respectively.

Ryan Peters, Jadzia Martin, and Britney Martin have been charged after “engaging in a course of conduct involving sexual intercourse with the dog” on July 9.

Jazida Martin is believed to have helped facilitate the bestial act on film, while Peters and Britney Martin participated.

All three face a slew of charges, including [but not limited to] producing/presenting/directing an obscene performance, sexual intercourse with an animal, and cruelty to animals.

Jazida Martin and Ryan Peters are currently embroiled in legal troubles due to a prior incident involving an underage teenage girl.

According to the charge sheet, the incident involved a minor, alcohol, and participation in sexual acts that would constitute statutory rape.

During the police investigation into the statutory rape case, law enforcement reviewed home security footage that showed the Martins and Peters engaged in sexual acts with animals.

According to ABC27, new charges were filed in York County District Court on July 31.

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