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Police in Detroit preparing for protests and counter-protests planned for Lions/Panthers game over disrespectful kneeling


Detroit police are less than thrilled -but ready for anything- when it comes to preparing for Sunday’s pending protests over the NFL culture war.

Trump supporters -led by 57-year-old Brian Pannebecker- are scheduled to protest at Ford Field this weekend, an angry response promoting what Pannebecker calls a boycott against the “millionaire players and billionaire owners who show disrespect towards patriotic fans and our national anthem and flag.”

“It will include veterans and conservative patriots and we hope to be stationed at the four main entrances,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Metro Detroit Political Action Network claims it will protest in support of the NFL players and owners that stand by kneeling for the national anthem.

The group posted their intent in a Facebook event, titled “Take a Knee against White Supremacy: Support our Detroit Lions 10/8.”

“Let’s show the Detroit Lions support by going to the game with posters of support,” the group wrote. “BLACK LIVES MATTER, WE SUPPORT THE LIONS, First Amendment Right, and Detroit Solidarity.’’

According to Detroit Police spokesman Dan Danikowski, DPD is ready to handle the protest.

“There will be an adequate supply of police officers at the site,’’ Danikowski told the Detroit Free Press. “If something should happen we will be able to act accordingly and will have enough officers at the scene.’’

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