Home News Police deliver pizza to stranded passengers at airport in New Jersey

Police deliver pizza to stranded passengers at airport in New Jersey

Image source: Samantha Metallo Facebook Page
Image source: Samantha Metallo Facebook Page

Two police officers are receiving favorable comments because they went out of their way to help passengers stranded in bad weather at an airport in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

According to Daily Mail, Mark Adotta and Joe Mercurio, two New Jersey State Patrol troopers, delivered over a dozen pizzas to the passengers flying with Spirit Airlines, so the hungry travelers could have something to eat while they waited.

A picture of the officers bringing pizza boxes to the Atlantic City airport has gone viral on Facebook with over 5,000 shares.

Samantha Metallo, who created the original Facebook post, said the charitable act occurred Sunday night as state troopers mourned the death of their colleague, Anthony Raspa, who died a day earlier in a collision while he was on-duty.

In her Facebook post, Samantha wrote that over a hundred people were stranded at the airport with no food or transportation.

Metallo stated that the airline only gave each passenger a single cookie.

She also wrote, “Meanwhile, Trooper Adotta and Trooper Mercurio stepped up! Without hesitation, the two gentlemen ordered and paid for 15 pizzas to feed the stranded Spirit Airlines passengers.”

Metallo added, “Neither of the troopers wanted to be recognized for their generosity (thus the photo from the security cameras), however, it’s selfless actions like this that should be shared and praised!”

Chris Burgos, the president of the New Jersey State Trooper Fraternal Association president, confirmed that the two troopers delivered food to the people stranded at the airport and said he is very proud of their actions.

A spokeswoman for the airline claimed that poor weather conditions caused the flight to land in Atlantic City instead of its original destination, New York’s LaGuardia Airport.

She also added, “Our staff was busy making the necessary arrangements to get our customers to their destination, so we offered them the food that we had available. We thank the state troopers for feeding our customers.”

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