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Police chief in Pennsylvania calls out drug dealer on social media following overdose death

Latoya “Toy” Rosiek

A Pennsylvania Police Chief has taken to social media, urging a local woman to turn herself in for trafficking deadly Fentanyl that led to the death of a local resident.

Chief Chad King of Bridgeville Police Department issued a dire warning on Facebook Wednesday to a woman wanted in connection with a fentanyl overdose death.

King called out Latoya “Toy” Rosiek -someone he has known since she was a teenager- and warned her that things won’t be pleasant unless she turns herself in.

“Your chest will begin to tighten, your heart will begin to pound, you may start trembling and break into a sweat as you are overcome with feelings of nausea,” he wrote. “You will soon realize that people you once trusted are now diming you out. It’s not worth the stress on you, your family, or your children to continue running and looking over your shoulder. I will tell you the same as I have told others… WE WILL FIND YOU.”

The 32-year-old biracial woman is connected to the fentanyl that killed a local resident in 2016.

King implored Rosiek to surrender peacefully, informing her that the post would reach over 100,000 people in short order.

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