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Police chief orders officers to stop some police work after pressure from mayor over citizen complaints


A small-town Pennsylvania police chief has ordered his officers to stop doing certain police work due to pressures and complaints from citizens.

Midland Police Chief Keith McCarthy instructed his officers to take it easy when it comes to pulling over motorists, issuing the orders in late August.

The memo, which was leaked by a department member, reads:

I’d like to start by saying you are all doing a very fine job. Any Chief would be proud to have you as his/her officers. That being said after speaking with the Mayor some changes need to occur.

I understand what I am about to request of you is very difficult, I was a patrol officer for 9 years.

Due to a recent rash of citizen complaints we are asking you to stop traffic stops significantly. No more turn signals, plate lights, head lamps, etc. I am well aware that these and many others are illegal violations, but we cannot sustain a department where we have dozens of complaints a month.

Many departments follow a ‘seen but not heard from’ type of attitude. For the temporary time being I am requesting that we become that type of department.

This hurts no one more than me, as I have loved what you find officers have been accomplishing. Basically, I need you to answer your calls, take the appropriate actions, and patrol. Now if you have blatant DUI in front of you I’m not asking you to look the other way for someone who may kill another for their blatant disregard for other’s safety.

I understand some of you may not be able to do this, and it is sad to say, but this may not be the department for you at this time. I’ll be monitoring the reports and body and car cameras much more diligently to make sure all are following in line with this.

No one will get fired or face discipline for not following the request of myself and the Mayor. But if individuals can not follow this request hours will go more to those who can.

I hope all can understand where myself and the Mayor are coming from, people are not showing up at your door steps, but they are showing up to ours. As I said this is only temporary until things calm down. I hope that all can understand and comply. I am sorry to even ask this of you.

The memo appears to stem from pressures placed upon the chief by Mayor Angela “Poobie” Adkins, who has been elected to run the Midland Borough.

According to the The Beaver Countian, the Pennsylvania State Police have opened a criminal investigation into the directive, with sources claiming McCarthy has already been questioned by investigators.


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  1. We’ve all known officers who wrote everything they could and were jerks while doing it. You may even know of entire departments where this is the culture. I have no idea if that’s the case with this department or if its a bunch of entitled whiners making the complaints. It is possible to overdo traffic enforcement. That said, there is a difference between “lighten up” and ” stop doing your job”. All I’m saying is, don’t throw this Chief under the bus without knowing all the facts.

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