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Police chief in Mississippi uses social media to go after criminals


FYI…I’m not your average Chief Of Police! In my town if you do the crime be prepared to pay the fine or do the time….

Posted by Tchula Police Department on Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Mississippi police Chief has a clear message to criminals in his district- “I’m gonna getcha.”

According to WAFB, Tchula Police Chief Kenneth Hampton has been taking to social media, directly targeting individuals who committed heinous crimes.

Hampton brought up the several crimes in his posts, including an elderly man who was burglarized and a 44-year-old paraplegic Clarence Blue, who Hampton insists was murdered.

Although the autopsy report says Blue died of natural causes, the TPD are investigating the murders as Hampton say was attacked.

“Three-foot wide puddle of blood, then there’s the evidence there were blood soaked jeans, blood soaked shirt, so the whole scene said foul play,” he said.

According to Blue’s mother Essie, she said her son knew his attackers and witnessed the injuries firsthand. She also expressed her confusion as to why anyone would attack a wheelchair-bound man who never hurt anyone.

Despite Chief Hampton saying he had evidence and witness statements to back his department’s theory, the County officials were reported in the local Greenwood Commonwealth in saying they knew nothing of a homicide.

After reading the article, Chief Hampton took to social media to criticize the publication.

Giving the criminals one last chance to turn themselves in, he eventually grew tired of waiting.

Posting on June 24th, he said the warrants were signed and that “it’s about that time for that age old game of hide and seek, catch me if ya can and one of my favorites COWBOYS AND INDIANS”.

Over the next few days, Hampton posted photos of the suspects as he arrested them.

On the 4th of July, he posted a message aimed at one of the fugitive suspect’s mother, whom he felt was harboring and hiding the suspect. He later posted a photo of an affidavit against the suspect’s mother.

Hampton has drawn a diverse mix of praise and criticism for his tactics and cavalier “cowboy” persona, with comments ranging from “unprofessional and horrifying” to “this police chief is the greatest.”


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