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Police chief in Florida goes after his own officers after his involvement in corruption scandal, vote of no confidence revealed


The Chief of Riviera Beach Police Department does not have the confidence of his fellow officers- and hosted a dramatic press conference as a result.

The chief of police for a Florida city infamous for a large chunk of violent crime in Palm Beach County, Clarence Williams addressed a vote taken by his officers, a stunning 67-3 vote of “no-confidence” in Williams’ leadership.

“What I have been experiencing, what my family has been experiencing, is a malicious, politically motivated attack,” he said.

Williams was flanked by his supporters -mostly community ministers and attorneys- who warned people not to trifle with the chief.

“So, I stopped by to tell you don’t mess with our chief,” attorney Willie Gary said, making a point to remind people that it is his job to sue others.

Meanwhile, the Police Benevolent Association is asking that Williams step down from his position.

“Many of the officers who voted with the PBA were intimidated or lured by empty promises of union protection,” Chief Williams claimed.

Meanwhile, others are accusing the chief of a backroom deal with members of the city council- one that involved firing the city manager so that Williams could take the job.

Williams denied being at the meeting but later backtracked, claiming he was there for security.

“That’s a bunch of nonsense,” said former Riviera Beach police officer Rick Sessa, who -like many others- thinks Williams is lying. “Everybody knows if there was a security issue, he would not be there by himself.”

“I wouldn’t say the air was cleared tonight by any means,” added Charlotte Darville, a concerned citizen.

According to WPBF, Williams denied allegations that he is eyeing the city manager position and claims he’s telling the truth. He is, however, set to retire in December.

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