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Poetic Justice, literally, for some Florida cops taunted by fugitive felon on Facebook

Image credit: Facebook
Image credit: Facebook

Looks like Friday’s most ‘foolish fugitive’ award goes to a gentleman in Polk County, Florida.

21-year old Logan Hale was wanted for breaking into a North Lakeland, Florida, home, and stealing thousands of dollars-worth of jewelry and a shotgun.

photo credit: Facebook
photo credit: Facebook

The suspected burglar mocked police on their own Facebook page, using the name Logan ‘Finallyfree’ Hale. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office posted Hale’s mugshot on their website, as part of its #FridayFelons campaign to catch fugitives, according to the Daily Mail.

For someone who was trying to get away from police, Hale’s next few moves are somewhat baffling.


Hale, who decided to taunt police on their social media page, wrote the message: ‘HELLO! Here I am.’ He writes yet another post saying, “Deputies continue to look for me but are frustrated that I am unable to be located.”


The department responded to Hale on Facebook, urging him to turn himself in:  “Remaining at large is only going to result in your having to change your FB name from ‘Finallyfree’ to ‘Back in Jail’ – it would be wise for you to turn yourself in to the nearest PCSO facility. Or give us a call – we’ll be happy to provide transportation.”


PCSO deputies spotted Hale yesterday – while actively searching for him — in the passenger seat of a car on Wildwood Drive in Lakeland.

They said he was taken into custody without incident. After Thursday’s arrest, officers decided to come up with their own witty response, in the form of a poem, to Hale’s previous comments.

Sheriff Grady Judd posted the following message on Facebook:

“Logan Hale, you are on your way to jail. Your attempts to hide were to no avail. Maybe you’ll make bail. Either way, your Facebook taunts were an ‘epic fail.’”  The message appeared under a photo of Hale in handcuffs.

Hale’s family claims he was planning on turning himself in but was spotted by deputies before he had the chance.



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