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Players from two NBA teams don “Stephon Clark” shirts during pre-game warmups


Players from both the Sacramento Kings and Boston Celtics wore shirts during pre-game warmups that called for ‘accountability’ in regards to the fatal shooting of 22-year-old Stephon Clark.

Clark is African-American and was unarmed at the time of the shooting. However, in spite of initial reports that officers ‘gunned’ him down while he was sitting in his grandma’s backyard, video released last week showed a more practical series of events unfolding before the shooting.

Officers responded to calls about a man breaking into vehicles. When they approached Clark, he fled on foot, over fences and through backyards in the area. When police cornered him, and believed he was armed with at least whatever he was breaking into vehicles with, he again refused commands to ‘show me your hands.’

He instead advanced on officers with something in his hand and said ‘f*#k you’ to them before he was fatally shot. That can be seen at the 0:33 mark in the video below.

Regardless of the new information about the incident, the Sacramento Kings appeared to endorse the protest, tweeting out an image of one of their players wearing the shirt. On the front it reads, “Accountability. We are one.” On the back, it reads “#Stephon Clark.”

Responses to the pre-game shirts were mixed, with several supporting the action, with many also dissenting, citing the fact that Clark was breaking into vehicles, ran from police, and refused commands from officers before the shooting.

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