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Phoenix police officer accused of making adult films while on duty officially resigns


The Phoenix Police officer who was caught acting in adult media as a side-job has resigned, officials stated.

Former PPD Officer Christian “Rico Blaze” Goggans turned in his badge and gun after his double life as a male porn talent came to light.

In December of last year, Goggins was outed as “Rico Blaze,” operating an OnlyFans and Twitter account.

At the time, the 30-year-old was working from home with the Phoenix Police, though it is uncertain what exactly he did as a sworn officer.

According to ABC, Phoenix Police confirmed that Goggins had resigned, but gave no official comments or statements beyond that detail.

Goggins was relatively new to the force, having joined in 2020.

However, the now-disgraced former officer’s porn career exceeded that of his LE career, having performances dating back as early as 2019.

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