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Pennsylvania officer is a badass beauty pro with advice for aspiring LEO women

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Pennsylvania police officer and YouTube beauty vlogger Leslie Ann. Image credit: Instagram.

A Pennsylvania policewoman and beauty blogger spends her off-duty hours creating makeup tutorials, taking the term “putting on a professional face” to a new level.

37-year-old police officer and mother-of-two Leslie Ann said she hopes to be a role model for “girly” girls in the supposedly male-dominated field, claiming “you can still be girls and do the job well.”

Credit: Instagram.
Credit: Instagram.

The officer -who did not disclose her department of ten years- spends her off-days doing makeup tutorials on a YouTube channel called “Beauty Cop.”

Despite her side-gig, Leslie Ann takes her job seriously.

“[The police] is the only profession I wanted to pursue since I was little and I feel comfortable and confident within the police department” she said.

Since posting her first videos a few years ago, Leslie Ann said she has inspired many women to pursue their dreams of being a woman of the law.

Follow me ? thebeautycop for a glimpse into my job! Being proud of who YOU are and what you do is one of the best feelings in the world! ?????

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“I love when I get a message from a female stating that she is thinking about becoming a police officer, or that after finding my YouTube channel or Instagram they are now inspired to pursue their dream of becoming a female police officer,” she said.

Leslie Ann told women that they should be prepared for “obstacles and people that want to see a female cop fail,” but to “have confidence in yourself” to “gain the respect that you deserve.”

In her eyes, Leslie Ann gets to have her cake and eat it too.

“I love my job as a police officer,” she told the Daily Mail, “but I also love being a YouTube beauty blogger.”


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