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Passengers applaud as Southwest flight attendant honors officers, families of fallen heroes


In the 24-hour news cycle where people are subjected to stories of hate, death, conspiracy theories and social injustice, it’s important to be reminded that good news stories do exists … even though they don’t get the coverage they deserve.

On a recent Southwest Airlines flight, the flight attendant makes gives her usual instructions as the aircraft prepares to reach the gate. But in a glorious twist, a Facebook post reveals, the attendant tells the passengers that many on the flight are onboard because they were attending a remembrance ceremony honoring their fallen loved ones in D.C.

She identifies families who understand what it means to “pay the ultimate sacrifice,” then she asks passengers to pray for those families and thank them for their service and sacrifice.

In the video post, passengers applaud the families as they’re allowed to disembark first.

The passenger posting the video said in her post, “On May 15th every year the United States comes together to honor our fallen Police Officers. Today I was honored to have over 100 Texas Police officers on my airplane coming from Police week in Washington DC. We had four families of survivors who had lost their loved ones. They shared some stories of some amazing people with me today and my heart is full of love and sorrow for their families and their fellow officers! I am sharing this in two parts please forgive the very slow stuttered speech! I am bawling my eyes out!!! ( a passenger shared this with me and THIS TIME I am glad he did!).

Well played Southwest — Well Played!

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