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Pasco County Sheriff’s Office no longer appearing on ‘Live PD’


A Florida Sheriff’s Office will stop filming on the popular A&E TV show ‘Live PD.’

According to FOX 13, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office will no longer appear on the hit show that takes people to live arrests and police activity.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office has been popular with viewers.

‘Live PD’ which says it shows the reality of what law enforcement officers have to go through on a daily basis, has been on-air for four seasons now.

Some county officials and businesses have been concerned about how the show portrays the area. They think the show highlights Pasco County as a drug haven.

The sheriff’s office and its deputies have been featured on the show for the last two seasons.

The office released a statement saying it will stop filming after the season is over to allow other law enforcement agencies to have the spotlight.

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  1. I am sad to see Pasco pulled out of Live PD. I think it was a good way for the citizens to meet the brave men and women who risk their lives for us. I have new respect and understanding of the stuff they face every day. Hopefully they will be back in a future season.

  2. As an ex-west Pasco (where Live PD is filmed) resident, I can honestly say the show doesn’t portray Trashco, er…I mean Pasco, as a drug haven. The scum bag pill heads, crack heads, meth heads and spice heads and prostitutes that live there, that sell drugs in front of convenience stores and in parking lots there, and walk the streets strung out there are what portrays Trashco as a drug haven.

  3. The truth be told,
    In the episode on March 9, 2019 after a high speed vehicle pursuit in which the fleeing car had a hard crash, a corporal removed a crash victim after a severe crash and put her in cuffs. Putting that persons life in jeopardy.
    It was a very poor decision. If that happened in Canada, there would be considerable backlash and retraining. The officer might have been charged.
    But on the USA everyone settles issues and mistakes with ridiculous lawsuits.

    The officer should be forced into retraining,
    Reasonable compensation to the victim. Reasonable,, not a lottery win.

    Officers are forced to make quick decisions everyday, and they are human and make mistakes.
    Life should be ruined for a mistake.
    Attempts to educate the day to day challenges of our law enforcement people should never stop.
    It should always be a learning experience for everyone.

    Just my opinion.


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