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Pascagoula police make social media push to engage community, find crime tips pouring in


There’s a shift in social media ideology at the Pascagoula Police Department, and it’s all thanks to one smart woman in the department and her use of social media.

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Jamie Redding is the one who started the initiative and said, even though she isn’t an officer she sees all the good they do and wanted others to have a chance to see that too.

In the beginning it was just meant to show all the positive things their officers do everyday and people really started responding and showing praise for their officers.

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They showed memes, humorous things and feel good activities officers were involved in.

Once they opened it up to more than just good PR they found that they got much more tips on cases and the community was getting involved to help them find suspects.

It’s been a big change but it’s only helped the department do the job more efficiently.

I think it’s safe to say they should keep doing what they are doing because it seems to be working not only to catch criminals but stay in touch with the community.

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