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Paris launches ‘incivility brigade’ with 1,800 officers to clean up streets

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Paris found itself under siege on Monday as an 1,800-strong “incivility brigade” took to the streets, enforcing fines for garbage, animal waste, rude behavior, cigarette butts and everything else the filthiest (yet most-visited) city in France is known for.

According to The Telegraph, the incivility officers have been around for some time, but have now expanded under the “prevention, security and protection” division, or DPSP.

Armed with batons and tear gas, the brigade staffs 320 mobile officers who roam the capital 24/7 in search of minor offenses, with people in the French capital running the risk of being fined 68 Euros for dropping their litter on the ground or urinating in the street.

The aim of this reform is to boost the visible presence of agents on the ground,” said Colombe Brossel, Paris’ deputy mayor in charge of security.

“To have clean pavements will be a tall order but sometimes it’s just so dirty that it’s got to be good news,” Jacqueline, a 70-year old Parisian.

“Mere prevention is not sufficient,” said Emmanuel Grégoire, deputy mayor in charge of public services. “So after a certain amount of times, you have to resort to handing out fines.”

However, not everyone thinks the “civility brigade” was the answer Paris needed.

According to 15th arrondissement deputy mayor Philippe Goujon, Paris needed more armed officers in the aftermath of increased terror threats, not the civility brigades that they were provided.

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