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Parents of murder victim want parrot used as witness to his murder


The parents of a murder victim suggest that police should use the victim’s parrot as a witness in his murder, citing its foul-mouthed mimicking of what they feel could be incriminating statements.

According to Vice, the bizarre suggestion follows in the wake of the the 2015 murder of Michigan man Martin Durham, who was fatally shot five times in what police believe was a botched murder-suicide carried out by his wife, Glenna.

While Glenna was also found in the home with a gunshot wound to the head, it was later determined that the wound was self-inflicted. In addition, she left three separate suicide notes, though Glenna denies killing her husband – or even being able to remember what happened.

The slain Durham’s parents, Lillian and Charle, insist that the family’s Grey African parrot, has been mimicking voices of what appear to be the fatal argument, citing that the bird was often privy to altercations between the couple.

The parrot, who goes by the name Bud, was filmed mimicking a man and woman arguing, ending the diatribe with the chilling phrase “don’t f******g shoot.”

Duram’s ex wife Christina Keller, who took custody of the bird, says she clearly recognizes Martin’s voice when the bird utters the phrase.

“It’s intense,” she added. “When it happens, my house turns cold.”

While police have yet to respond and attorneys are doubtful that the bird could be considered credible enough to be used as evidence, Durham’s family stands by the idea that the bird could be squawking the truth about what happened on the fateful day of the murder.

“In my mind, it’s something that he’s heard, definitely heard before,” Lillian said. “And if it’s fresh in his mind, he might even say it more now.”

View the parrot’s full testimony here:

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