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Parents demanding answers from Murfreesboro police chief after elementary students arrested at school


A community in Tennessee is outraged over what many are calling the unjust arrest of a handful of elementary school students.

The young students –between the ages of six and thirteen –were reportedly cuffed and taken to juvenile hall in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Their parents say they were just innocent bystanders and some were nowhere near a fight that authorities alleged they had the duty to break up. The children were charged with criminal responsibility for another.

News 2 reports that the fight occurred in the backyard of a house on Riviera Drive during a game of pickup basketball a few weeks ago.

Parents who saw a video of the fight say it was just a “scuffle” between kids pushing each other back and forth.

A local pastor says it’s tough to stomach seeing children being put into handcuffs when they’ve done nothing wrong. It was inside his church where a heated discussion about the arrests took place over the weekend.

One officer got up during the meeting to tell parents that what he saw happening to these kids broke his heart.

“On behalf of myself and so many others, I’m sorry. I apologize,” Officer Christopher Williams said from the podium at First Baptist Church.

Williams also told the standing-room-only crowd that he and the staff at Hobgood Elementary School were in tears when the arrests took place. The fight did not take place on school property, but that is where the students were arrested.

Parents are now demanding answers from the police chief. He told them he’s investigating the matter to see if what his officers did was legal or necessary.

For now, police say they are not releasing any more details about the incident because they are protecting the identities of the juveniles involved.

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