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Pair who violently robbed woman of $75,000 got ‘go signal’ from bank employee


A female bank employee in Texas is getting her day in court after it was discovered that she played a role in a violent robbery that resulted in one woman being assaulted.

Shelby Taylor Wyse faced a judge on Wednesday after she was arrested and jailed on second-degree felony charges related to the robbery of a woman transporting $75,000.

According to an investigation by law enforcement agencies in Harris County, the victim -who was taking money to her check-cashing business after withdrawing it from the bank- was ambushed by Travonn Johnson and Davis Dowell Mitchell after being given the “go” signal by Wyse.

“She was followed from the bank to the business by these two robbers who drove in separate cars,” HCSO Constable Mark Herman told ABC13.

Surveillance video from inside the bank shows Wyse -who is Johnson’s lover- allegedly sending Johnson a text to Johnson after the victim withdrew the money.

The two “strongmen” of the operation then conducted the ambush, with one using a rental car borrowed in Wyse’s name. While Wyse claimed the car had been stolen earlier that morning, she never reported the incident to the police.

During the actual robbery, Johnson and Mitchell savagely beat the woman and a male who came to help her. During the melee, punches were thrown, kicks were delivered to vital organs and the suspects’ pants fell down around their knees. Eventually, the robbers used a vehicle to drag the victims a short distance, causing them to let go of the bag containing the money.

A search of Mitchell’s phone after his arrest shows that the suspect discussed the robbery plans with someone named “Tata,” who has since been identified as Johnson. Police are currently working to get a warrant on Wyse’s phone.

The money was recovered, and police captured Johnson and Mitchell. Mitchell has been charged with felony aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, while Johnson was charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.

Police are still looking for a fourth individual, who drove one of the vehicles.

Wyse’s bail was set at $75,000. Her defense claim she is the mother of an eight-year-old and hasn’t committed any crimes in the past.

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