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Outrage after release of new anti-police music video, halftime performance by singer Beyonce



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Credit: ‘Formation’ music video

Famous singer Beyonce Knowles is drawing ardent criticism due to imagery in her new music video, as well as her Super Bowl halftime performance and the message her team was promoting afterward.

During a time of heated and often deceitful debate, Beyonce hopped on the #BlackLivesMatter bandwagon and incorporated strong anti-police themes and imagery into ‘Formation,’ like her sitting on top of a sinking New Orleans police car.  Even more disturbing, the words “Stop Shooting Us” appeared spray painted on a brick wall, further fueling the ridiculous notion that all cops do is drive around and look for black people to shoot.

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Credit: ‘Formation’ music video

Some on social media pointed out some of the gross irony surrounding the situation.  Irwin Fletcher wrote on Facebook, “For months, police officers have been working long hours, sacrificing time with their families and risking their personal safety to make sure the superbowl can be enjoyed by our entire nation without fear. Their selflessness is rewarded by beyonce throwing them under the bus with this rant. Hypocrisy at its finest. But cops are professional and will continue to protect her despite her hatred and devisiveness. Bring us together, don’t tear us apart.”

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Credit: ‘Formation’ music video

Following Beyonce’s Black Panther themed performance, her backup dancers took the issue even further, calling for justice for a man killed by police.  Never mind the fact that the man, Mario Woods, had stabbed someone and refused to drop a knife when approached by officers and was an extremely violent criminal gang member.  For more on that mess click here.

However, much like the Michael Brown incident, facts don’t matter, it’s all about how has the loudest voice and the media that sympathizes for ratings. What an epic shame where a celebrity could have used her fame to bring people together.  Instead, she rips them apart.


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