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Outrage after Kansas Attorney General hopeful’s promotional image goes viral


A controversial law office advertisement has come out of the state of Kansas, depicting a lawyer -who is running for State Attorney- dressed as Wonder Woman and strangling a police officer with her golden lasso.

Attorney Sarah Swain of Lawrence has made waves with the anti-police advertisement, potentially jeopardizing her Democratic campaign for Kansas State Attorney.

The ad is drawn in comic book form, depicting a Wonder Woman-esque Swain strangling a police officer with her lasso, causing him to drop his service revolver as he chokes to death.

The poster has naturally drawn the ire of the several on social media, including the Lawrence Police Supporters Facebook page.

“This is a very disturbing image,” the post wrote. “Even more disturbing is [that] it is the property of a candidate for State Attorney General. Someone who incites violence against law enforcement is not the kind of leadership we need.”

In the comments, the Kansas State Troopers Association was in agreement.

“At a time when funeral arrangements are being made for two heroes that gave their lives in service to our community,” KSTA wrote. “We stand with you. This cannot be tolerated.”

Swain makes no effort to hide her anti-police bent, with the bulk of her entire Twitter account consisting largely of articles depicting police in a negative light.

“Police misconduct is more rampant than ever,” she tweeted last month. “If you or someone you know has been victimized by the police, correctional officers, or other law enforcement, contact us.”

“Our tax dollars pay the salaries of police officers who murder unarmed black men and who (apparently) fiercely protect neo-Nazis,” she wrote in April.

The Swain Law Office Facebook page has been deactivated and phone calls requesting comment on the matter have not been returned thus far.

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