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Outcry after reality show trailer for Miami police revealed


In an alleged attempt to boost recruitment, former Miami police chief Manuel Orosa allowed a local television production company to film a trailer for a proposed reality show called ‘Miami Blue: The Real Miami Vice’.  Filmed in late 2013 and just now coming to light, the trailer features luxury condos, boats, big drug busts, and of course, scantily clad female Miami police officers.

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Union president Lt. Javier Ortiz, who is shown in the video, told the Miami Herald that “when I asked who was taking the video, Orosa told me it was for recruitment purposes.” According to Orosa however, it was never intended for recruitment purposes, but rather for a $40,000 donation to the Police Athletic League, should the show get picked up. But the show never got picked up by a network, and now the promotional trailer is floating around the internet for all to see.

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Current Miami police chief Rodolfo Llanes, who claims to have only discovered its existence on Monday, condemned the video for objectifying female officers and said he was going to speak with an attorney.

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  1. My god people love to get offended about F-All these days. As a recruitment video in Miami I imagine that would have been highly effective. Miami is synonymous with glamour, excitement, sex, beautiful women, fast cars, boats, drugs etc etc. films and shows like CSI Miami and scarface and Miami vice have been filmed for decades relying on this image of the city. So it makes sense that you would use this as the perfecting marketing tool if trying to recruit new officers. Nobody would be inspired to become a cop if the video showed officers filling paperwork, trying to communicate with drunk or high junkies or being filmed by anyone and everyone with a smartphone so that they can later be accused of being racist. A recruitment video absolutely should show the more exciting and appealing parts of a job. It’s no secret that half the cops that apply also do it for the excitement and adventure as well as to help people. Admittedly this film is not particularly well made and focussed ‘too much’ on the women and certain parts of their anatomy, but generally the vibe of the film of good. Promo video or recruitment video, whatever it was meant for.. its a sexy film for a sexy city. If you don’t like it don’t live or work in Miami.


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