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OSU faculty member accused of social media post supporting terrorist who attacked students



UPDATE: It turns out OSU faculty member did write that infamous Facebook post asking for sympathy for the ISIS supporter who injured 10 people (1 critically) when he drove his car into a  group of students and then got out and started stabbing anyone nearby.

A petition to have OSU Assistant Director of Residence Life Stephanie Clemons fired is gaining steam, and now has over 1,500 signatures.


In this alleged Facebook post that has since gone viral, Ohio State University Assistant Director of Residence Life Stephanie Clemons Thompson is urging her friends and followers to show the terrorist Abdul Razak Ali Artan, who attempted to kill as many OSU students as possible in yesterday’s attack, ‘compassion.’

She also urges others to “think of the pain he must have been in,” as well as hashtags that coincide with the Black Lives Matter movement like #SayHisName.

OSU Assistant Director of Residence Life Stephanie Clemons Thompson. Credit: Facebook.

There is no indication she made a post urging others to think of the actual pain the 10 injured students (one critically) are currently going through – nor the shaken sense of safety of her students.

The post has since been taken down or made private. Please note: As of publication of this article, we could not independently verify with 100% certainty the authenticity of this post. However, other posts still available to the public might indicate a pattern.

Credit: Facebook.

The following posts were all live and available to the public as of the time of publication of this article.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook


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  1. She’s outa line or delusional maybe. HE was a terrorist and his dead just like he should be. Also does the terrorist group BLM represent foreign terrorist organizations now? OMG

  2. Keep living your life in the liberal bubble……. One question Ms. Thompson, were that your child stabbed would you have made the same comments???

    No need to answer…..we know.

  3. Open a window-shade and let some sunlight into these cobwebby SJW minds! Why are universities starting to resemble Miss Havisham’s room from GREAT EXPECTATIONS?

  4. If this post is true. All I have to say is. Mrs. Thompson it’s people like you that feed racism! Your not the solution! Your the problem! You should not be associated with thevteaching of our young people. Your not a person we want our kids looking up too!!! I pray for the victims not that p.o.s. that stated them! And shouldn’t either!

  5. Supporters of afrocentric thinking, exclusively, feel exempt from any smells of “racist” that may accompany them. I feel much worse for any non-black students that may come in contact with this “average intelligence’ racist on that campus. Blacks quickly gobble up with entitlement, all the support they get in their quest for ever increasing POWER to further subjugate and ultimately eliminate not only the majority influence of white Americans, but the WHITE AMERICANS, period.

  6. If she has those post on Facebook about this terrorist and rhetoric about police shootings she should be fired immediately for promoting racism and unethical behavior! She should be a role model to all promoting peace instead of making uneducated remarks and promoting an even greater divide! I’m quite sure she would be I going a different tune if one of those kids that were hurt were her child! How overwhelming stupid!

  7. This piece of garbage tried to murder as many Americans as he could to promote and defend his Islamic beliefs. “I” will NEVER say his name nor will I say the name of anyone who commits mass murder or the murder of a Law Enforcement Officer. They do not deserve that recognition. This POG was killed by a heroic Campus Police Officer who undoubtedly saved the lives of many students. THAT is the person who is a HERO here. You should lose your teaching credentials and be banned from any activity that deals with children. They do not need to follow your sick ideals. “ALL” lives matter, but those of hard-core criminals who are trying to kill others, no so much.

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