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Oregon sheriff will not enforce proposed bill, calling it a ‘treasonous’ move by democrats against U.S. citizens

Image from video, below.
Image from video, below.

An Oregon sheriff has announced he will not enforce a bill proposed by State Senator Floyd Prozanski that would require universal background checks for gun purchases in the state.

Oregon State Sen. Floyd Prozanski, D-Eugene.
Oregon State Sen. Floyd Prozanski, D-Eugene.

According to the Conservative Tribune, Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer said that the proposed legislation is “borderline treasonous,” likely unenforceable and will have no effect on the ability of criminals to obtain firearms.

One of the major supporters of the bill is Gabrielle Gifford, the former Democratic representative from Arizona who was shot by a student in January 2011. Gifford was amongst eighteen individuals shot and injured during a constituent meeting held in Tucson.

Ironically, Gifford’s shooter, a deranged student that had posted left-wing rants on YouTube, passed the very background check that she is pushing for.

Breitbart News reported on other notable shooters who have passed background checks. The list included Jerad and Amada Miller, Aaron Ybarra, Darion Marcus Aguilar, James Holmes, Ivan Lopez and several more.

Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer
Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer

The National Rifle Association pointed out that most criminals acquire their firearms illegally, making background checks a moot point.

Palmer agreed with the NRA, stating he had “no intention” of enforcing the law. He said that the law would be almost impossible to enforce due to the private transfers of firearms. Besides the Second Amendment implications, he also said it would unjustifiably burden law enforcement.

According to Breitbart News, Palmer stated that officers would be straddled with the responsibility of determining when a background check should be done as well as when it is not necessary. He predicted that the check posed a nightmare scenario and would not enforce the bill if it becomes law.

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