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Oregon sheriff investigating deputies for notifying ICE of criminal illegal immigrants


The Multnomah County Sheriff told reporters Thursday that his department is investigating emails that indicate his deputies were helping Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents deport criminal illegal immigrants.

The investigation comes on the heels of other moves made by the Portland area sheriff and the state’s governor, Kate Brown.

In January, Multnomah Sheriff Mike Reese ended the longstanding practice of sending regular reports to ICE with information about illegal immigrants in custody, according to KOIN 6.

Early in February, Oregon governor Kate Brown signed an executive order that expanded protections for illegal immigrants, a move seen as strengthening the ‘Sanctuary State’ policies.

The deputies’ emails under investigation by the sheriff contain information sent to ICE officials about where to find criminal illegal immigrants who were being sought by the federal agency.  Such actions would go against the new policies set forth by the governor and the sheriff.

“If we find out an employee has violated state or our policy, I am going to hold them accountable,” Sheriff Reese said. “With my order I gave on January 31, I provided our employees really clear directions about my expectations.”

The policies prohibit deputies from providing ICE information unless that information is already available to the media or the public, according to KOIN 6.

What the consequences will be if any deputies are found to have violated the new state or department policies is not known.


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