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Oops! Man drops gun in front of three officers inside a Dunkin’ Donuts


A less-than-competent New Yorker tried to stroll into a Dunkin Donuts on Saturday night, only to fumble his firearm in front of the NYPD.

34-year-old Emmanuel Lovett made an appearance thirty minutes before midnight at the Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins franchise, located at Coney Island.

The felon lost control of his firearm, apparently not noticing it had fallen from his waistband.

The firearm was noticed by three NYPD officers, who took Lovett down.

“3 of our cops are in the local Dunkin/Baskin Robbins. A fella walks in, adjusts his pants & out drops a loaded gun on the floor,” tweeted NYPD Transit Chief Edward Delatorre.

The transit chief noted that the felon -who is prohibited from owning firearms and will face steep charges- was caught due to an officer’s sweet tooth.

“Now the repeat felon carrying it is in custody, all because a Transit cop had a craving for cake batter ice cream (seriously, this actually happened).”

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