Home News Only getting worse: NYPD officers heckled by onlookers as suspect resists arrest

Only getting worse: NYPD officers heckled by onlookers as suspect resists arrest


A Republican state assemblyman from New York took to Twitter to highlight the troubles that NYPD officers face on a daily basis- including waning support from locals as they try and clean up the streets.

Mike Reilly, a former police lieutenant-turned politician, shared a video showing several officers struggling to detain a suspect, all to the jeers and taunts of onlookers.

The suspect actively resisted when officers attempted to put him in the cruiser, fighting multiple lawmen by putting his legs up to block himself from entering the police cruiser.  This happened while the crowd demanded NYPD officers to call for an ambulance.

“In that video, you hear the public who were filming it. They actually said, ‘Call him an ambulance.’ They all realize that isn’t what’s supposed to be done there. He is physically resisting getting put into a police car,” Reilly told the Washington Examiner. “So the arrest has not been fully effective at that time. The person is in custody, but he can’t be transported from there.”

The video came after a tumultuous week for the NYPD, following the rulings and subsequent firings in relation to the 2014 death of Eric Garner.

Unfortunately, the clip is just one of many filmed after the ruling, and one of many more that shows the general public acting abrasively towards law enforcement.

Riley pointed to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and his higher-ranking members of the NYPD as the root of the issue, particularly in relation to their perceived lack of support towards street cops.

“I think, unfortunately, the actions of the mayor truly indicate what their insight is and how they feel towards law enforcement,” he said. “Everybody wants to jump on a political bandwagon and that’s not what should be done. No. There should be a time and a place where we allow investigations to take their course, and we should be guided by the results and the outcomes.”

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