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Man gives great interview after drug bust


Police got a lot more than they expected when responding to a 911 call to investigate what was thought to be gunfire. When they arrived on scene they didn’t find a gun, but found a whole lot more.

World, meet Sir John Michael.

“I saw the police helicopter circling around very low, and last week they were doing the same thing, because I was laying out nude. I thought they were looking at me,” Sir John Michael said to NEWS 9.

Now, instead of his birthday suit, he was sporting underwear over a pair of women’s leggings.

“If life gives you lemons, **** life,” Sir John Michael said.

As with the gun, there were no lemons. Sir John Michael’s landlord, David Mason, had something a little greener for Oklahoma County authorities.

“When they walked into the house they smelled a very strong odor associated with marijuana,” Mark Myers of the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies discovered 50 marijuana plants along with several bags of pot that have already been processed. The gunshots that sparked the initial investigation just turned out to be good ol Sir John Michael blowing off some steam while working on his car.

“I was working on my car this morning, and it didn’t work,” he said. “I got flustered, busted my window and that was supposedly a gun shot.”

Before he knew it, the helicopters were flying over his place again.

“I guess they called back up. I heard some sirens and through the forest to the west a half a dozen guys with their guns drawn on me said ‘Put down the gun,’ and I was twirling my ponytail.”

Sir John Michael and his ponytail were soon on the ground, but he doesn’t actually live inside the home. He lives nearby, in a school bus.

“I don’t think that’s an issue,” Sir John Michael said. “I think cannabis should be legal.”

Sir John Michael said he will bond Mason out of jail.

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