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Oklahoma police find pound of meth, baby squirrel on woman during traffic stop


Police in Oklahoma ran into a squirrely situation in the town of Glenpool, after they discovered nearly one pound of meth and a baby wild animal in a car.

The vehicle in question was pulled over on Sunday after it was clocked going over the speed limit.

Upon investigation, passenger Heidi Kolteryahn was found with around 1lb of methamphetamines, scales, baggies…And a baby squirrel.

The baby, which was being fed with a dropper full of baby formula, was allegedly discovered at a job site Kolteryahn’s son was working at.

According to FOX23, an Oklahoma Game Warden brought the squirrel to a state-certified rehabilitation agent Kolteryahn was arrested for possession of wildlife during a closed season.

While rescuing wild animals is not illegal, the state of Oklahoma requires would-be rescuers to contact them for information on where to drop off the animals.

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