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Oklahoma City police officer suing Taco Bell over poisoned quesadilla


A police officer in Oklahoma is filing a civil suit against Taco Bell alleging employees tainted his food with agents that burned his throat.

Oklahoma City police officer Shawn Byrne said he was forced to take two weeks off work after eating a quesadilla from a Taco Bell saying employees doctored his food to make it so hot it caused an injury to his throat.

KFOR News reports Bryne was volunteering at an event at Putnam City Baptist Church in February and stopped at a nearby Taco Bell on his way home.

He ordered a steak quesadilla and noticed right away it didn’t taste normal.

“By the time he took the third bite, apparently, was whenever his mouth started burning really, really bad,” his attorney Brian Dell told KFOR.

Instead of a run to the border, Byrne made a run to the doctor in the morning.

He says he had severe burns in his throat, but had the wherewithal to keep the leftovers for testing.

He filed a police report, and the leftovers of that quesadilla were tested.

“The Department of Agriculture said there was an extremely hot pepper sauce on the sandwich and there was cologne in the sandwich also. Shawn does not wear cologne,” Dell tells KFOR.

His lawyer said Byrne was in uniform when he went to Taco Bell, and that he noticed the employees were laughing when he received his order.

Dell says the employees are convicted felons.

“There’s the possibility they wanted to deliberately cause some harm or play a trick, if you will, on a policeman,” Dell said.

The attorney told KFOR some in the police department are treating the incident like a joke, however, the department did conduct an investigation and even referred charges to the district attorney, but the DA declined to press charges.

KFOR reports Byrne isn’t going down without a fight and he’s taking what should be a criminal case to federal civil court.

“If indeed these convicted felons did it deliberately, then you have to assume that’s exactly why they did it. They’d get away with it because it wouldn’t cause the injury it did, it caused serious injury,” Dell tells KFOR.

Byrne is seeking more than $75,000 in damages through his civil lawsuit.


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