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Ohio woman berates officer for checking on her unattended children in car


A woman’s video of her encounter with a Brunswick police officer is going viral after she edited it and posted it online.

Her intention in posting the video was to gain support for her belief that the officer acted improperly. But that is backfiring with many ridiculing her for what she says and does throughout the video as well as fully supporting the officer for the way he handles the situation.

According to the video, the officer was in the neighborhood investigating a robbery and spotted an open front door and a running car in the driveway, which was full of children. The officer walked up to the front door and a woman appeared from inside the house. This is where things took an odd turn.

The officer asked for identification and if everything was alright. For some reason the woman, Ginger Borshov refused and began recording the encounter. “I would think you would appreciate your police department doing that, that’s what we do,” the officer, later identified as Sgt. Jon Page said.

“You can ask me if you can help. You may not ask me to explain myself,” Borshov said. The officer continues to be polite and explain why he is there and Borshov just won’t have any of it and continues to be argumentative and won’t even give her name. The officer states that he drove past the house a few times before parking and walking up.

The woman eventually showed the officer her ID before screaming obscenities and him as he left, according to ABC 5.

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  1. She is an ill-mannered, above-the-law, democrat She should have thanked the vigilant officer for noticing her door open while on routine patrol. I really hope someone steals everything she owns someday and this patrol officer is dispatched to take the report! Good job Sgt. Page.

    • Now, I always wonder how people like you don’t make millions of dollars a year being hired by campaign strategists. I mean, you can tell someone’s political affiliation just by seeing them in a video! Amazing!

      • Nick, it’s a gift, learned after years of dealing with all sorts of people in all sorts of situations. Now, go back and shuffle some papers in your cubicle

  2. Some people just don’t get it, she was wrong for leaving her children unattended in a running car. she should be thankful that the officer stopped to check. Personally I believe that an endangering children charge would be appropriate.

  3. Wowsers lady! How wonderful that your local police department has vigilant officers! You made this a big deal, not the Officer. He was way to patient with your rederrick…he should have cited you and contacted Child Protective Services, because even in your edited video you do not make sense! Irrational and strange….

  4. wow, she is such a douchebag. Shouldve written her a ticket for leaving the kids in the car unattended, Then she would have had to provide ID and she would have had something to bitch about. Shes a real witch. Hope next time the officer drives by and someone is actually breaking into your house and stealing all your crap

  5. I hope he still report them for leaving in running vehicle. He has not way to know she belongs there. people do take their children with them to commit crimes . it looks very odd to see children in a running car and the front door open… sorry you are to stupid to raise children..

    • He was just concerned, just asked if everything was ok. sorry you are to stupid to undersand anything…

  6. I am so glad that this ignorant piece of crap lives in Ohio. hat way I am hopeful that she will not end up as a neighbor of mine. If so was I would call the police every time that I was able to tape her doing something like this and file a complaint of child neglect or abuse. What an absolute IDIOT!!!!!

  7. It looks like she’s the one who has an ego problem. Maybe the children should just have been taken, since they were left unattended, instead of him taking the extra step to go check on whether their parents were in the house. The arrogance in her voice is almost sociopathic.

  8. She sounds like a sovereign citizen. using the words paper and documentation. Ignorant C@#$ if you ask me!

  9. This woman is an ID10T, If she would shut her freaking mouth long enough to listen and then use some common sense and think about it for a second she might just have an Aha moment and realize how that could have looked. But this person who wants to think she is smarter than ever body just made herself look like a complete ASS. If something was going wrong, like god forbid somebody actually taking her kids, she would have been the first one to bit cheaper about the Police never being around. Good Job Sgt. Keep up the good work!

  10. You should be ashamed of yourself. The officer noticed something odd and checked it out. When he asked you for an ID you should have complied. But instead you choose to argue with the man for doing his job. The first thing someone who is being threatened or held will say is everything is okay. You should be proud that you have taught your child to disrespect the police. Have a nice life.
    Ps Don’t call the police when you truly need help you do not deserve it.

  11. If something had happened to the children or if her vehicle was stolen (with the children in it) she would have complained that the police department didn’t do anything, even though they were in the neighborhood.

    She’s the reason they put warning labels on shampoo bottles!

  12. She is an asshole, does she think crime only occurs at night. It is also illegal in most states to leave children unattended in a running car. She deserves a butch slap and owes the officer an apology!

  13. Looks like she is the one with the frail ego… What a cunt. Tahnk god we have police officers looking into suspicious behavior, and poor kids that will grow up with a mom like her… I foresee a lot of therapy in the kids future… Poor them.

  14. What a rude and ignorant young woman. Shameful attempt to be a victim – the victim of police abuse. While she is arguing, her children are strapped in their car seats truthfully unattended. Officer absolutely had a right to ask for a responsible adult in the house since she was not acting like one. These self centered rants are getting tiresome.

  15. There is only ONLY one thing that will convince this woman…..and I do not say this out of meanness….she needs to have a crisis in her life in which she needs the police to respond. One in which is is in dire straight and in need of them. Sometimes the only way to learn a much needed lesson in life is to experience a situation. And if she does not learn from that experience then another situation will arise. It’s the way life teaches.

  16. What a total idiot she is. Total inability to see anything anyway except her own. Continues to refuse anything can be anyway except the way she imagines.

  17. You are an idiot! If your kids are ever in trouble, you should be HAPPY that these men and women are taking care of YOUR kids when YOU AREN’T


  18. this moron mother is breaking the law by leaving the kids in a running car fuck yourself idiot,the officer can ask you anything he whats its called comply bitch!!!!!!

  19. Ginger how could you post something like that, it would probably be easy for people to find our your address and phone number online! Not smart..

  20. What a dipsh*t! She’s soo damn lucky one of the kids didn’t put the car in gear, etc. She should be investigated for child-endangerment.

  21. She is 100% idiot and the Officer was 100% correct. She has no business being a mother. Get whispering condescension and arrogance is typical of those who feel that laws do not apply to them. Sorry toots, they do.

  22. Hope you never need to call 911 for an emergency! This guy you think is being a jerk may just be the one to save your life you stupid bitch

  23. I really think she is wrong. You should never leave children in a car alone. She should have loaded up the car, then got the children in the car. Plus she could have been kidnapping them. You should never know now a days. She is actually protecting her children and her.

  24. What a Bitch… some years ago there was a female with 2 small children who use to go around breaking into houses… with the kids. (this was in Australia BUT has occurred overseas including the US) No one takes any notice of a female in a car with small children parking in the driveway… then braking in…

  25. Stupid arrogant woman. She is some spoiled princess who has whined and stomped her foot all her life to get what she wants. She has accused the policeman of ego. So often people in the wrong (the woman) accuse others of displaying the very faults that they themselves have. Stupid stupid selfish woman. I hope that she reads these comments that show how unreasonable and rigid she is.

  26. Your just a plain idiot, just show him the ID and you’ll be done with it but NO you try to make him look like an Idiot and you fail and you look like a stupid Bitch

  27. What an idiot…just because she says she’s the owner of the house and vehicle does not make it so and the Sgt. was so right to continue to demand documentation. It wouldn’t be the first time someone lied to the police. And the news article about this says that this is not the first time that she has left her children unattended.

  28. Officer, Thank you for your professionalism. This ignoramus was masking her guilt with aggression. Most people would have admitted their lapse in judgment and thanked the officer. She must be hell to live with and I hope her children don’t grow up like her.

  29. It’s a true shame that God allowed this woman to reproduce!!!! Shame on such disrespect & ignorance

  30. Wow, I’m impressed lady. Impressed at how arrogant, ignorant and adversarial you can be. Leaving children unattended in a running car and you’re not worried about your kids??? Really? Would have been a whole different story if you came out of the house with those snacks you had to collect in the kitchen to find your car and children GONE because the crackhead that stole your neighbors lawnmower decided to take off with your running car and kids to go get his next fix. I’ve heard that story too many times to count, “I was just gone for a second and now my car is gone”! You can’t really be that dumb? Or can you? Instead, you bust the guy’s balls that’s just doing his job to make sure everything is as it should be and that you are the person that belongs with the vehicle and the children therein? And then have the audacity to post a video narrating how stupid and heavy handed the cop is being? Another scenario for you. You are the crackhead lawnmower thief that just broke into someone’s house to steal some jewelry and decided to take your kids along for the ride. A cop comes along unexpectedly and from years of dealing with the police you attempt to put him on the defensive and convince him you belong there without proving it so he doesn’t look into this matter too much so you can avoid being caught in the act. Happens more than most know. Let me ask you this, how is the cop supposed to know if everything is as it should be if you won’t identify yourself and allow him to verify the information? His actions were totally reasonable and yours were not. I hope Child Services in Ohio is watching this and is opening a case on you.

  31. He was never inappropriate. Maybe if she had stopped running her mouth long enough to hear what he was saying, about a suspected burglary in the neighborhood, and it is NOT SAFE to leave children in a running car with a possible perpetrator in the area, she would have learned something. Nope, she just wants to show how “smart” she is. Sadly, she recorded and posted her own ignorance for the world to see.

  32. I salute you for your vigilance Sgt. Page. Your professionalism and patience goes above and beyond; we need more like you. Time and time again we hear, “I just left my car for two minutes and now it’s gone!”. Whatever your name is lady, maybe you should get off your damn phone, stop wasting time, confirm your identity, APOLOGIZE for your stupidity and pay attention to your children. Obviously you’re more concerned about “attempting to be seen as a victim”, you’re not… Someday you will pull this stunt again(no doubt), your children and car will be GONE and who will be your next call? That’s right, the POLICE. Excellent work Sgt. Page, sometimes you just can’t solve stupidity. I hope Children’s Aid follow-up on this poor excuse for a mother.

  33. Ohio law prohibits leaving a car running unattended. She deserved a ticket…the raging liberal democrat should have been cited. Don’t need to argue things in the street…give her her date.

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