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Ohio mayor, police chief had missing department vehicle report filed on officer who was investigating them


Public records reveal that when a former Ohio Police Sergeant with the New Holland Police Department took a cruiser to obtain a search to investigate the mayor and police chief, the mayor ordered the chief to file a stolen vehicle report on the cruiser.

In a curious case that took place earlier this month, then-Sergeant Brad Mick executed a warrant on his own department in order to investigate a series of documents reportedly forged and sent to the Attorney General’s office by Mayor Clair “Butch” Betzko and Police Chief David Conrad.

On the way to the local judge’s house to have the warrant signed, Mick informed the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office that he had the cruiser, as well as requesting help with executing the warrant.

In the aftermath of the incident, two things happened: Chief Conrad and Mayor Betzko have were charged with felonies as a result of the search; and Mick was fired from the department.

According to the Fayette Advocate, records indicate that Betzko told Conrad to order a officer to file a stolen vehicle report on Mick for using the cruiser once it was determined to be away from station.

Sergeant Mick has not had any charges filed against him- not that any would likely hold up in court. He has also expressed that he will file for whistleblower protection.

“The officer was using the cruiser to go to the Judge’s house to obtain a search warrant to serve on the mayor and police chief,” said defense attorney Brad Jones, regarding Mick’s predicament. “In return, the mayor and police chief think they can charge him with stealing the cruiser. It would not hold up for a single second in court. The officer, first of all, has authority to use the vehicle, and secondly, it does not meet the elements of the charge.”

Even if he was determined to have “stolen” the vehicle, Mick’s non-offense would be a misdemeanor, processed through the court of the very judge he obtained a warrant from.

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