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“Ohhhh, you did something:” North Vegas officer’s humorous intuition leads to arrest


A North Las Vegas policewoman arrested a suspect driving around in a parking lot without his lights- and made an amazing discovery.

Upon stopping the suspicious vehicle, the officer discovered that the driver had no license, didn’t know where he lived and apparently had no information concerning the minivan he was driving- other than the fact that a guy named “Juan” gave it to him.

Realizing there was certainly more to the story, she ordered him out of the vehicle.

“Alright, but I didn’t do nothin’,” the suspect said as he was cuffed.

“Oh, you did something,” the officer snapped back.

Upon searching the vehicle, the officer found a handgun, cash, a mask and other items. Putting two and two together, she began to inquire with her fellow officers about any recent robberies.

During the deliberation, the suspect told the officers that he was a “stripper.”

Suddenly, things started to come together- another officer told his colleagues about a handicapped victim who was robbed and deprived of his ATM pin before he -and his wheelchair- were cast into the street.

The suspect was presumably booked and processed after the incident.

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