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Officers’ lunch interrupted by blue-haired man who urinates on police car, punches officer when approached


A blue-haired Texan in Dallas is the subject of an investigation of an attack on a police officer on Sunday.

Security cameras show a man get up from his table in a downtown Dallas eatery, only to walk over to an unmanned police car and urinate it before smashing a window.

William Holmes 2
William Holmes. Credit: Dallas PD.

When officers were informed of the incident, they confronted the man, who promptly punched an officer in the face.

“That was crazy. I’ve never seen anything like that before,” said Zenna’s manager Johnny Ly. “I feel bad for them. They were probably here on their break time having lunch before they have to go back out to their beat for another 12 hours and this is what they have to deal with.”

The blue-haired man, identified as 27-year-old William Holmes was restrained in short order.

The situation became a tense example of how dangerous police work can be, especially with unstable individuals who have no qualms attacking police officers.

“Nobody would do what they do, putting their life in danger like that to make it safe for us,” said Ly.

According to CBS Local, Holmes has been charged with felony assault on an officer and criminal mischief.


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