Home News Officers kicked out of Tacoma Cheesecake factory for being armed

Officers kicked out of Tacoma Cheesecake factory for being armed

Image credit: Cheesecakefactory.com.
Image credit: Cheesecakefactory.com.

The new Cheesecake factory location in Tacoma, Washington has issued an apology for the way its staff treated a group of law enforcement officers who came in to have lunch there on Tuesday.

Miriam Nichols, a Dept. of Corrections officer told KIRO Radio that they were seated in the back of the restaurant, but then told shortly afterwards they needed to leave.

A shift manager communicated to the group that no firearms were allowed inside their establishment– whether they were law enforcements or not.

Some of the officers tried supplying more documentation to identify themselves as law enforcement, but it didn’t’ help.   They were still told they had to go.

Nichols said the Cheesecake Factory employees were being very apologetic but they did insist the group had to leave.

“There’s only so many polite ways to kick someone out of an establishment,” she said.

Nichols posted a note on Facebook talking about the incident. She says many people were outraged by what happened.

She got a response from the restaurant the following day saying they were trying to rectify the situation. It’s not their corporate policy apparently that law enforcement can’t be there. They are permitted to carry their firearms, whether they have a concealed or open carry permit, the corporate headquarters said.

The News Tribune reports that “… a shift manager misunderstood or miscommunicated the policy about law enforcement having service weapons on the premises.”


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