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Officers injured, tourist beaten by violent crowd in Cincinnati


There was major unrest in Cincinnati over the holiday weekend after an out-of-control crowd  assaulted a tourist, a police officer was sucker punched in the face, and another hit with a flying bottle, as the officers tried to get things under control.

The beating of 27-year-old Christopher McKnight was part of a wild night, police say, in Fountain Square — a section of the city featuring many shops, restaurants, hotels and offices.

McKnight was visiting the ‘Queen City’ from Indiana, when police say he was jumped by a crowd of black teens.

Image from Jariah Noel Facebook with friend's comments about the incident.
Image from Jariah Noel Facebook with friend’s comments about the incident.

McKnight is seen lying in the street with his face covered in blood, in a video showing the aftermath of the vicious attack. Cops say it happened the night of July 4th, when the area was filled with people who were coming from a hip-hop concert, fireworks show and a nearby Reds baseball game.

“Damn, n—a, you just got knocked the f–k out!” shouted one of the cold-hearted witnesses, as others circled around him and just laughed at the injured victim.

But thankfully there were others on the street, who clearly had more compassion for McKnight, and called for water and space to get the man to an ambulance.

McKnight was hospitalized with a concussion, broken nose and other facial injuries, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported. He was released from the hospital on Sunday.

Screen shot from video.
Screen shot from video.

The responding officer’s report described the attack on the tourist as a racist act, but police brass backed off of that claim on Monday, saying it wasn’t clear if this was racially motivated, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Following Saturday’s incident, many now fear the City won’t be able to handle the thousands of people expected for the Major League All-Star game next week.

But City leaders are vowing to “staff downtown to keep the peace during All-Star weekend with hundreds of extra cops,” according to an article in the NY Daily News.

Police Chief Jeff Blackwell said on Monday, “Cincinnati is the safest big city in America.”  No suspects have yet been named in the case of Saturday’s attack on the Indiana tourist. The wounded officers had returned to work by Monday, police said.

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  1. It’s not necessarily a racist attack, but it was a mob mentality attack. Most likely nobody cared why the guy was getting beat, they just wanted to get in some punches and kicks of their own.


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