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Officer's hug after talking down jumper going viral


It’s something so simple — a hug. But for someone in distress, in pain, or emotionally spent, a hug can make a world of difference. And in this instance, it certainly seemed like that was the case.

Dramatic video, obtained by WTVD, shows a Raleigh police officer talking a suicidal man off the edge of a bridge.

It’s the kind of compassion you hope to find in everyone. And at a time when the country is flooded with images of attacks on police or violent confrontations with police – it’s nice to pause and see raw, emotional moments like this – involving an officer of the law.

The moment was captured by a DOT camera along the Beltline Bridge in Raleigh just after 7 p.m. Wednesday. According to the local ABC station, the off-duty officer was headed home, when he spotted the man – who was clearly in distress — and began to develop a rapport with him.

Eventually the man agreed to come off the bridge. That’s when the officer gave him a very long hug and then escorted the man back to his car.

Hopefully he’s getting the help he needs right now.

The officer’s name has not been released. No doubt the community there grateful for his compassionate gesture.

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